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Automating Attestation

Posted by Mosaic HCM

23 Jan 2017

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The importance of complying with labor regulations requires that employers ensure their employees are paid for the time they work and that required meal and rest breaks are provided.   Having employees regularly attest that they’ve properly reported hours worked and the appropriate breaks from work were taken allows employers to defend wage and hour audits and employee complaints.

Capturing employee attestations during the timekeeping process allows company attestation policies to remain effective and retained for future use to defend claims.   When employees become accustomed to attesting that they are reporting their hours and breaks accurately the employer can feel secure that the employer’s policies are being cost-effectively enforced.

Mosaic’s Workforce One platform provides a highly customizable attestation capability that can be deployed on the time clock or our web-based time sheet.   Attestations are retained indefinitely and managers can monitor and manage compliance.   A complete audit report reflects all employee prompts and responses.

When you are ready to learn more about how your organization can protect itself from wage and hour irregularities, contact us at or 877-749-1975.

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