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Managing your Salaried Workforce

Posted by Mosaic Employer Solutions

25 Apr 2017

Managing your Salaried Workforce - Image

HCM systems need to not only be effective at managing your hourly workforce, but your salaried workforce as well.   Your technology solution should automate managing your compliance risk and financial exposure.

Minimize labor compliance risk:  FLSA, FMLA and ACA apply across your entire workforce.   Technology should help you create a culture of compliance and accountability. 

Manage accrued benefits:  you need to track accruals for your salaried employees, not just your hourly employees.   Automating time off requests and tracking the usage of accrued benefits can help you control accrued benefits liabilities when employees leave your organization.

Automation is the key:   managing employees and assuring regulatory compliance is difficult.  Make sure your HCM solution addresses the complexities of salaried workforce management.

Mosaic’s Workforce One HCM system is a highly customizable platform that allows you to accomplish all those goals.  When you are ready to learn more about how your organization can benefit from a full HCM solution, contact us at or 877-749-1975.

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