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Benefits Management

Streamlining the process for everyone from administrators to employees, from brokers to insurance carriers

Imagine the cost efficiencies you’ll have when plan details and related deductions are completely and automatically aligned with payroll.  Eliminate benefit discrepancies that substantially increase your benefit costs – paying insurance premiums on a termed employee or not deducting premiums for an enrolled employee. 

HR faces an extreme critical obligation when asked to administer employee benefit plans – an obligation that opens the door to more accidental costs than any other aspect of employee management.

We can show you how benefits and payroll work fluidly together.  We synchronize and automate plan details to drive their related deductions.  Benefits and payroll are so closely related –  why use a separate Benefits Administration and enrollment system, when you can have that system incorporated within payroll?

Here’s how Workforce One helps:

  • Online Enrollment: Empower employees to choose the plan that is right for them, whether they are new enrollees, experiencing a life-changing event, or in an open enrollment period. Employees can enroll themselves with simple access to everything they need to know about their available plan choices.  Administrators can be notified to review, approve, and effective date the change to automate it to payroll. 
  • Streamline the change process with carriers:  Connect your broker to the system or enable carrier connections to automatically sync benefit changes with each carrier.
  • Capture employer portions of all plans: Get the full picture you need to see employee benefits and all of the costs associated.  Workforce One reporting also helps you manage premium reconciliations and helps you get a good glimpse into the landscape of what your employee benefit packages look like.
  • Offload Benefit Administration to the experts: The MosaicHR team can step in to take over your entire process surrounded with Benefit Administration.  Our team relieves you of tasks related to eligiblity tracking, enrollments, communications, reconciliation, carrier adds and terms, COBRA, and much more.  See our MosaicHR site for more details.