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Document Management

Spreading the accessibility of company and employee documents to the web, available anytime to those that need them

Whether your goal is to become completely paperless or to dramatically reduce routing documentation throughout your organization, Workforce One has  integrated document management embedded throughout the platform.

Workforce One gives you a critical workplace advantage: Connect all of your employee documents to their online employee files, with the confidence that access to all company documents is entirely secure.

Eliminate flooded folders and filing cabinets, with limited accessibility. Instead imagine entire employee files stored securely online, available to administrators and managers anytime, anywhere.

Manage all types of documents:

  • Share employee documents throughout Workforce One: Make company-level or global documents accessible online – without any manual distribution on your end.  Store employee handbooks and employment notices, and easily distribute new documents into the workforce – automatically.  
  • Document management extends throughout the system: Attach notes or emails to their corresponding payroll. Employees uploading their receipts to expense reports. Attach benefit or 401(k) plan policy documents to the corresponding plan in the system.  Attach garnishment paperwork directly to its deduction.
  • Take document distribution to the next level in HRMS: Custom forms and HR Actions can route documents to users or groups for electronic sign off.  For example, IT develops a new security procedure document that all employees must read and acknowledge within a certain timeframe.  Our HR Actions will notify and route this document to all employees to read and electronically sign. Reporting and/or notifications can be generated for activity and non-compliance.