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Employee Onboarding

Customized Electronic Onboarding

Workforce One streamlines employee onboarding – electronically, efficiently, and timely

One of the most labor intensive activities is the process of hiring an employee.  It starts with the application process, which Workforce One can help you manage through the Recruitment application.  From there it becomes challenging when new hire paperwork starts to flow, information needs to be reviewed and approved, and multiple people are involved.  The entire process can be daunting for everyone involved and wrought with time consuming inefficiencies.

Onboarding or terming employees and other employment activities in Workforce One are accomplished electronically through the use of our Custom Forms, Checklists, and HR Actions.

Custom Forms

  • Source documents start from a PDF file
  • Form fields are built into the file for user population
  • Database fields can be populated and updated back into the database when approved
  • Custom forms can be signed off with an electronic signature


  • Any kind of checklist can be created that ties in users, documents, custom forms, HR Actions, screen links, and external web links.
  • Email notifications notify users when items are assigned to them and time requirements can be set to trigger reminders
  • Workflow in each checklist item guides subsequent activity

HR Actions

  • HR Actions drive any communication or process.  Workflow walks changes through the process and approvals you design.
  • When tied to the checklist, and HR Action workflow drives what happens next.  For example, a new employee completes a custom IT information form, which then gets routed to the IT person, and when complete, notifies HR.