Mosaic HCM

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Strategic Services

Connecting strategic third parties, all within Workforce One

Workforce One not only integrates your external systems by sharing data, it also brings other business services internally.  It creates a true sync with services that you might use in everyday workforce management.


A simple click initiates E-Verification with the Department of Homeland Security, right from Workforce One.  Once verified, the E-Verification stays in the system attached to the employee record.

Background Checks

Both applicants and employees can authorize background checks electronically.  Once authorized, the background check result is returned and stored in the system indefinitely.

Social Security Verification

From employee files, administrators can click to verify an employee within the Social Security Number Verification System (SSNVS).  Results can be reviewed at any time.

Garnishment Management

Garnishments can be a complicated, time-consuming process – which Mosaic eliminates with end-to-end garnishment management. Users simply acknowledge the garnishment and send it off to us. We take it from there –  we decipher the garnishment order, we build the deduction, and we forward the payments to the right agency.

Benefit Carrier Connections

Benefits management should be this simple.  With carrier connections, any employee benefit change in the system is automatically communicated to each carrier you work with.  Change employee information, add new employees to a plan, process open enrollments, terminate an employee –  and automatically send these changes to the correct carrier.

Pay Cards

Live checks can have many adverse affects on your administration team and create issues with distribution, reconciliation, fraud or employees cashing their paychecks during work hours.  The Mosaic Pay Card turns live checks into electronic checks, and eliminates cashing fees.  Employees can use their Pay Card at any bank to receive the entire amount in cash, (without a single cost to the employee or employer) or use their card for day to day purchases. The Pay Card solution is easy to set up, easy to provide, and can allow you to operate a paperless payroll.