Mosaic HCM

Payroll. Time & Labor. HR Management. One System. One Interface. One Employee Record.


Technology is ever-changing and advancing rapidly.  What is cutting edge today might be outdated tomorrow – which is precisely why Workforce One’s development is continually enhanced.  We invest heavily in keeping an innovative edge and deploying the robust capabilities you need as the workforce environment evolves.


Reduce the effort it takes to constantly manage information and rely on the system to do the work for you.  Workforce One gives you the ability to automate the processes you want - when you want them done.


We customize Workforce One to work for you.  You get choice - choice in the way the system looks, the colors, the titles and labels that relates to the way you do business.


The Workforce One reporting engine is one of the most powerful characteristics of the system. It gives any user the ability to customize and share reports, interact with data directly within screens and easily distribute reporting through scheduled emails without having to use a complex report writer.

Multi-EIN Functionality

Manage and control your Multi-EIN workforce from one place - without switching from one EIN to the next.