Mosaic HCM

Payroll. Time & Labor. HR Management. One System. One Interface. One Employee Record.


Repetition of the same steps, limits accomplishment

It's common to produce the same report and send it to the same people, every payroll or every month.  Mosaic can help drive efficiency and relieve you from the burden of tracking down things like everyday reports, annual events, and other frequencies that require your attention.

Put an end to the time-consuming, repetitive tasks that drain resources and diminish efficiency.

  • Customize reports that contain only the information you need, when you need it.  Automatically have them emailed to anyone, at any frequency, and in any format - including PDFs, Excel, CSVs and more.

  • Convert Post-Its, emails, and other notes into Payroll Alerts – creating a system of intuitive workflow that tracks every step and saves you time.

  • Send automatic notifications to both internal employees and/or external trusted advisors on dozens of events, such as review dates, eligibility dates, hire dates, terminations, overtime reached, tardiness, birthdays, etc.

Streamlined systems simplify the process for managers.

  • Managers receive email notifications when an employee requests time off.  The email includes a link to approve or reject the request after reviewing scheduling conflicts and available balances.
  • Approved time-off requests are automatically entered into payroll, eliminating the need for other manual steps
  • Automatically send benefit changes directly to insurance carriers and contribution information to 401(k) providers
  • Third party add-ons like E-Verify, SSN verification and background checks are generated right from Workforce One and stored for easy access and reference