Mosaic HCM

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Every company uses a unique language to describe internal concepts.  We believe you should have a system that speaks your language, not ours.

Workforce One

Most systems force you to translate your everyday business language into their terminology.  With Workforce One, you control the language.  Earning and deduction names or report column labels, for example, can be changed to fit the descriptions you use on a daily basis.

You can easily modify the look and feel of the system to be just the way you want it.  It’s all about your preference, not ours.  If you don’t use something in the system, you don’t have to see it.  We will even personalize the look and feel with your colors and logo to show off your company brand.

Tailored security profiles can be customized to specify what people can see and modify – you have control over what can be viewed, edited, added or deleted.

With employee profiles, you can easily manage different time-off policies, holiday schedules, timesheet profiles, work schedules, retirement plans, and more.