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Multi-EIN Functionality

Many companies face significant challenges when managing payroll and employees spread across multiple EIN’s.

Traditional payroll systems account for each EIN separately, and data is entirely disconnected from one EIN to the next.  Workforce One is designed to elegantly handle multiple entity workforces.

Workforce One has two options on how to handle companies with multiple EIN’s.  The first follows the more common method of a single access point.  This solution combines and connects all EIN’s within a single company while maintaining distinct payrolls for each EIN.   The entire company picture, all entities and employees, reside in the same place with the same user experience.

  • Functionality is built in a single company and immediately available across all EIN’s
  • Reporting can generate to combine EIN data or break out individually
  • Security and Grouping profiles determine user access and availability
  • Employees can work across EIN’s and their employee data is synced to eliminate re-entry
  • Mosaic oversees the entire payroll tax management and compliance individually for each EIN