Mosaic HCM

Payroll. Time & Labor. HR Management. One System. One Interface. One Employee Record.


Your team has the power to deliver information to management – the way management can best use it.

Every screen you see is customizable.

Most platforms provide standard reporting or report writers  – many of which are cumbersome reporting tools that can be difficult to learn and use.  Virtually every screen on Workforce One is a simple report that can be easily customized and shared with other users.  You can also email reports to both internal and external users, in the format that they want most.

You set the parameters.

Within each screen report, you can add, delete or modify columns, group and sort data, specify formats, and run extensive date parameters.  Best of all, you no longer have to print out reports to find what you are looking for (unless of course, you want to).  All you have to do is search for the information you want directly on the screen.