Mosaic HCM

Payroll. Time & Labor. HR Management. One System. One Interface. One Employee Record.

The Mosaic Advantage

It begins by helping employers manage their workforce

We believe your business is part of a larger story – our chapter is providing premier market technology to automate critical business processes.  Our experience helps companies ease the complexity of expanding compliance demands.

We view business success as opportunities to impact local communities.  Your company financially sustains employees, families and beyond.  This economic impact extends outward to the greater community – bringing tangible benefits to many.

We’re rooted in the belief that we are contributing to communities by helping businesses succeed through technology and world-class service.

Bottom line: Mosaic's goal is to help employers thrive.

Service and Support

The experience you have with Mosaic extends far beyond what our technology can do.  It’s about how our team, who work for you to help you successfully manage your workforce.


We go the distance to give you the tools to accomplish what you need.  Our training determines your comfort, your understanding and your success.  Our long-term approach to training ensures minimized client effort and maximized client satisfaction. 


First impressions are always important. And because it’s so critical, the implementation process is executed with diligence and sensitivity.  Our core implementation group ensures your company objectives are met by proactively managing the process.