Mosaic HCM

Payroll. Time & Labor. HR Management. One System. One Interface. One Employee Record.


First impressions matter, so the implementation process is executed with uncompromising diligence

There is not a more critical time during the relationship with our clients than the implementation phase.  It's the first opportunity for Mosaic to prove our value and an uncertain time for our clients.  For that reason, we invest with you to assure a great outcome.

A Mosaic Project Manager will coordinate with you and the Mosaic team to successfully accomplish all of the project goals.  Your solution is audited and tested to assure the results are precise.

Every implementation is tailored and collaborative.  The following is an example:

Implementation Phase 1

Kick-off and Collaboration meeting

  • Introduce Mosaic implementation team
  • Set success factors
  • Determine responsibilities of Mosaic, client, and third parties
  • Finalize required product features
  • Develop the project timeline and set deadlines
  • Identify sources for required data
  • Address custom set up and configuration

Implementation Review – Pre-Set Up

  • Review data and information extracted from prior systems
  • Finalize implementation map
  • Determine training groups and schedule training sessions

Implementation Phase 2


  • Build the client shell company
  • Load all aspects of data into the system
  • Audit all prior payroll records
  • Balance tax calculations, payments, and filings
  • Run internal test payrolls


  • Configure all necessary system settings
  • Build requested system customization
  • Review configuration with client
  • Build requested system customization

System Trainings 
Training sessions are tailored to each client. Since every client is different, every training program is customized.

  • Administrators and Managers are trained on the system, reporting engine, employee files, and application features
  • Train employees, if required

Implementation Phase 3

Implementation Review – Pre-Payroll

  • Confirm all completed set-up
  • Review live system with client
  • Verify specific system configurations
  • Client acceptance and proceed to live payroll

Live Payroll

  • Process and train first live payroll
  • Review real-time payroll reporting
  • Sign off finalized payroll