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The power of technology is nothing without the knowledge to make it work for you

The training process is one of the most critical phases of the implementation. The Workforce One platform extends much further than simply processing a payroll, managing time-off or tracking assets.  With a multitude of resources available to improve your workforce operations, we train you to proficiently operate the system and harness the power of this technology.

We know that every client we work with is different, and we take a different training approach with each one. We will work with you to identify and develop the training curriculum that best fits your company and your staff.

During the training phase and beyond the implementation, we incorporate various training sessions and tools to help you and your team learn the Workforce One platform.

Trainings conducted for all Administrators, Managers, and Employees

  • System Overview
  • User Experience
  • Testing and Configuration
  • Payroll Training
  • Time Labor Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Training Tools & Resources:
    • Built-in training & education (based on the user's role)
    • Videos on specific topics
    • Instant online meetings
    • Onsite training

We view training as an ongoing opportunity to learn that doesn’t have to end. We don’t expect any client to learn and fully understand the system in a few training sessions. Your Dedicated Payroll Specialist is available to support you day-to-day and will continue the training process as you need it – whether it’s a quick five minutes to run through a new process, or focused learning on a specific module. We are here to support you.