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Experience complete control with an all-encompassing picture into every employee's life cycle - from pre to post  employment

Workforce One ensures that all vital employee information is readily accessible.  From forms to performance reviews to pay raises and benefit plans, everything is seamlessly visible - all in one place.  Management can easily access electronic employee documents and files, instead of tracking down cumbersome or misfiled paperwork.

HR Actions drive the workflow

HR departments are overwhelmed with time consuming requests from management and employees.  Workforce One's HR Actions solution is a system wide tool that automates the requesting process through custom workflow.  It directs internal communications and requests to the appropriate people to affect change on approval.  Lift the weight off your HR team and let HR Actions take some of the load.

Workforce One also supports your compliance efforts with e-signed I-9 tracking and W-4 form automation.  You can provide answers for an audit by simply pressing a button or two.  You can also easily confirm an employee’s history through integrated background checks, E-Verify, and Social Security verifications – with results residing in the employee file.

360 degree HR Management

Workforce One is with you from start to finish - from online applicant recruitment, to onboarding with benefit enrollment and electronic forms, to automated termination notifications, and carrier connections.


  • Know the full-scope of employee benefits including enrollment numbers, dependents, employer costs, and premium reconciliation
  • Empower management to initiate their own performances in an automated, multi-tier process
  • Track assignments of your key company assets, including software licenses, computers, and vehicles
  • Understand where employees are with their certification renewals or training histories and let the system identify what needs attention
  • Directly communicate with outside trusted advisors to assist in their support to your company.  Interconnect your health broker or 401(k) advisor to give them the visibility they need to provide better value.

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Find out how HR departments can make valuable real-time decisions that positively impact their companies with the power of Mosaic Workforce One