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Payroll Management

Payroll is a business of ever-changing exceptions - we untangle the complexity of employee compensation

Assistance to the exceptions

Does your company have unique scenarios that require compliance with multiple garnishments, complex pay rates, benefits, arrearage, or nonstandard tax circumstances?  Does this list of requirements expand even further to include industry specific scenarios such as certified payroll reporting, tipped allocation, or shift differentials?  Of course, this list could go on and on...

You need the right answers and expertise to help you make the best choices.  Our expert staff understands the complexities of payroll and will help you manage these needs efficiently and proactively.

Real-Time Data through continuous calculations

The Workforce One system provides real answers in real time to give you everything you need to know at that moment.  Run a payroll, and you'll have the ability to make changes on the fly with every report and pay statement visible.  You get dynamic real-time information - not legacy-latent data.

Guided payroll tour

Rest assured, you're not on your own when it's time to run payroll.  In addition to the support from your Mosaic team, Workforce One will walk you through the payroll process, step by step.  With an interactive checklist to follow, confusion and errors are drastically a thing of the past.  With detailed real-time validation tools, the numbers you most rely on are accurate.

Let the system alert you

We know one of the most tedious payroll processes is managing what needs to be done or changed.  It’s common for notes and emails to pile up, overwhelming your staff.  With Workforce One’s interactive system payroll alerts, notes go directly into payroll, and can be managed checked off with a few simple clicks of a button. 

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