Platform Features

Single Database Platform
All core functionality co-exists as one without any need for integration
Multi-EIN Functionality – all entities reside on single instance of system
and Responsive User Experience – all system functionality lives on a responsive
UI design that is consistent across all user devices.
Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model
SSAE 16 SOC 1 Type II and AT 101 SOC 2 Type II criteria for security, availability, and confidentiality
Availability uptime measures at 99.79 or greater on a monthly basis
Primary Data Center – SAS70 Type II, SysTrust, PCI DSS Compliant, U.S. Commerce Dept. Safe Harbor Certified, DOD 8500.2 SCIF
Secondary Data Center with real time encrypted data replication
Custom reporting throughout the platform from virtually every screen
Integrated Document Storage with role-based security
Detailed Audit Trail by user and IP address
Permanent record retention and data maintenance
System email notifications and reminders based on triggers – 170+ notifications depending on system utilization
Client specific look & feel – multiple theme options
Responsive Mobile Driven User Interface / Experience for employees and managers
Email Report Generator Schedule custom / auto reports to single or multiple email addresses in all formats
Custom description and field labeling throughout
Auto email report distribution at specific time intervals to specific users or user groups
Supported by all Web Browsers
Employee / Manager Self Service
Custom system experience by user or user groups
Unlimited custom reports
Custom and configurable interactive dashboards
Multi-Factor Authentication – sends code to phone or email
Authentication option – integrates to Google or Microsoft Authenticator App
Custom security profiles
Content configurable by cost center (Dept, Location, etc.)
Point-in-Time / Ad Hoc reporting
Reporting exportable to PDF, XLS, TXT, CSV, XML and HTML
Security levels carried through reporting
Multiple languages supported – English (US), English (UK), Spanish, French, French (Canada), Dutch
Configurable username and password preferences
Mass edit capabilities
Cross year and multiple date driven reporting options
Navigational hyperlinks throughout platform
Configurable alerts and notifications
Security controls for feature and data access
Labor level / cost centers
Analytics – Interactive Analytics dashboards
Workflow based user interface
Integration through Web Services – Rest API
Data encryption
Contextual navigation and search
In-Product Help (knowledge Pass)
Announcements Module with multiple display options – pop up on login, dashboard, login screen, etc.
Company Events and News
Employee Directory
Document retrieval tracking
Analytic charts available within every report/screen
GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation
Multiple chart dashboard views

HR Features

Electronic onboarding – New hire checklists, Workflows, Welcome
I-9 submission, sign off, E-Verify integration
HR Document and Forms Creator (custom forms)
Recruitment / Applicant Tracking System with applicant self-service
Free and/or Premium Job Board Integration
Resume Parsing, LinkedIn Integration, knockout questions
Applicant pre-screening questions
Applicant / Interview notifications and tracking
Job board / Website integration – eQuest Advantage Network
Offboarding – Exit interview / Termination details and workflows
Performance Management – review workflows and notifications
Define and measure competencies, goals, core values
Goal Development Module – continuous feedback and goals tracking
Performance Assessments – Employee, Peer, Manager, and Multiple Users
Succession Planning
Online Benefit Administration – enrollment, management, workflow, EDI Carrier Connections
Employee Perspectives – scorecard of key employee metrics
Benefits drive payroll deductions
Company policy & document acknowledgement and tracking
Talent Matrix Dashboards
Company portal with communications, events, announcements, and custom dashboards
System-built organizational chart
Total compensation statements
Leave Management Module
Email Notifications Module – date expirations, triggers, etc.
Pay Grades/steps
Salary, Pay, Job, Position, Cost Center History
Built-in governmental compliance reporting – W-4, I-9, VETS 100, EEO, FMLA, OSHA
Asset / Company Property management
Vehicle Management
HR Actions – Customized requesting module with workflow
Training Course Management
Certification Management
Credential Management
Skills Tracking
Incident / Discipline tracking and management
Custom HR fields tracking
W-4 and I-9 System Forms
E-Verify Integration
Turnover rate reporting and analysis
Checklists tied to Workflow, Custom forms and HR Actions
Job tracking and Change workflow
Establishment of HR policies (what/who/when)
Position Management
Grouping of data into profiles
Centralized interface across HR processes
Management of past, current, and future employee information
Support for different employee workflows based on business rules
Ability to connect organizational trees to labor levels and general ledger
Import of historical data
Creation and management of organizational hierarchy
Compensation Management – Merit Matrix, model increases, linked to performance, workflows
Position-based planning
Scheduled Events – push custom forms and HR Actions to users for viewing and sign off
OSHA, Vets 100, and EEO Reporting
Incentive Compensation
Mobile Online Benefits Enrollment
Dynamic Workflows
Mobile Applicant Experience
Employee Engagement Tools
Headcount Reporting
Organization Charts
Social Platform Integration
Succession Skill Gap
Hiring Stage Workflows

Payroll Features

Intuitive and customizable payroll process checklist
Real-time processing and data visibility
Detailed labor distribution
Multi-EIN functionality – all entities live on a single instance of the platform
Multi-EIN Timesheet – single timesheet across all EIN’s with calculations
pushed to correct EIN
Custom cost center allocation and reporting
ACA Management Module
Electronic and instant pay statements
Unlimited direct deposit accounts / Pay Card payments
Simultaneous payroll entry by multiple users
Complete tax management and compliance (All Federal, State, Local)
Access to live payroll reporting during processing
General ledger interfaces and custom reporting
Benefit plan attachment tied to deduction with employer costs
401(k) contribution management / 180 and 360-degree interfacing with vendors
Multiple and custom check and/or statement distribution
W-2 and 1099 processing
Automated reciprocity tax withholding
Permanent retention of payroll reporting
Local check printing capabilities
Print and calculate manual checks off payroll cycle
Gross to net and net to gross analysis
Reconciliation pay statements
Correction delta process easy reconciliation of payroll edits
Build-in test environments
Multiple payroll frequencies
Detailed and custom payroll batch creation
Pay statement templates
Sophisticated payroll calculation rules
Compensation change history reporting
Payroll alert and reminders with sign-off
Built-in error prevention
Custom Tax Overrides
Paid time-off accrual management, tracking, and reporting
Definition-based Auto-calculations
Effective dating capabilities throughout system
Calculation of pay policies
Real-time Total Compensation Statements
Ability to manage pay groups for employees with similar payroll processes
Garnishment processing and management
Profile based security and authorization
Flexible compensation codes
Pay Statement Warnings
Control withholding order of deductions
Standard Payroll Report Library
Allocation of compensation for different entities
Geo-spatial tax identification
Certified Payroll Processing
Workers Compensation reporting
PII Audit
Point System and Tracking
Minimum wage makeup calculations
Automated Retro Calculation for Salaried Employees
Employee Paycheck Simulator
Garnishment Wizard
Multiple Payroll Processing
WOTC Integration

Time & Labor Features

Custom online timesheet templates and configurations
Rules Engine containing over 300 time automation rules
Mobile app / Smart phone access for all users – responsive across all devices
Real-time punch records
Automatic rule enforcement
Exception based management with email notifications and triggers
User allocated labor tracking
Attestation Module
Accruals Module
Calendar attendance reporting
Real-time attendance boards
InTouch Time Clocks – 7" touch screen clock with multiple screen options (Biometric, Proximity, or Barcode)
Multiple time collection methods and profiles by user / groups
Automatic processing to payroll within single database
Multiple shift and shift differential functionality
Auto report generation to managers hourly, daily, and weekly and more
Custom approval process workflow
Mobile punch with GeoFence capabilities
Points tracking
IP Address / Punch Restrictions – set approved punch-in centers and times
Time off requesting module with rules engine
Multiple Accrual Policies
Auto-populated Company Holidays
FMLA request and tracking module
Back up Manager Delegations
ACA management – tracking, reporting, and alerts
Expense management
Multiple pay rates and rate tables
Late/Early/Absent push notifications
Budgeted time vs. actual worked reporting
Standard Reports Library
Overtime management and prevention capabilities
Overtime Requesting module
Email Notification Time Approvals – ability to approve from email without accessing system
Daily Timesheet Detail email notification to manager
Timesheet Change Request processing from employees with approval process
Notifications Module
Permanent Detailed Audit Report
Job Costing
Master Multi-EIN Timesheet

Scheduler Features

Optimized Schedule Generation
Workload Planning
Auto populate employee shifts based on multiple levels of criteria
Skills, Positions, Credentials, Certifications, Experience, PTO, Existing Shifts drive auto shift assignments
Employee Work Time Availability and Preferences
Planned-to-actual schedule metrics
Coverage Maps, Graphs, and Metrics
Constraint Based
Define Shift Coverage and shift assignment criteria
Automatic enforcement of scheduling policies
Generate schedules to take in account hours per day, hours per week, consecutive days worked, etc.
Employee Self Service
Shift Swaps
Request for Coverage
Request open shifts
Management approval workflows
Scheduled vs. Actual
Budget and workload definitions
Schedule Pattern Templates
Timesheet Sync
Open Shift Management
Custom Notifications
Automatic shift assignment
Color-coded availability
Drag -and-drop fill
Employee Availability and Preferences Calendar
Scheduling experience across day, week, and month views
On-Call Scheduling
Automatic Schedule Creation
Workload Manager with Volume Forecasting
Mobile employee and manager scheduling experience
HPPD with variance reporting
Freeze and Auto-Assign Shifts
Daily Schedule Maintenance

Marketplace Features

EDI Benefit Carrier Connections
COBRA Administration
Premium Reconciliation
401(k) 180 and 360 Degree Integrations
EasyBackgrounds – Background check and screening integrated service
Google Cloud – Integration with Google Cloud
HR and Payroll Answerforce – Walters Kluwer HR and Payroll Compliance Library
CMS Staffing Data Submission (Payroll Based Journal – PBJ)
eQuest Advantage Network
eQuest Premium Job Boards
Knowledge Pass – Internal Training Resources
Web Services – REST API (SOAP)
Tax Credit Co. – WOTC Services Integration

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